Gokul Agri International Limited is a trusted name across the country and abroad, and has an enviable track record of success.

The company offers a range of edible oil products to cater to the tastes and preferences of different categories of consumers in the Indian and international consumer market under its three premium brands, namely- Gurjari, Gokul and Rozana. The three brands comprise a range of healthy cooking oil brands in Kachi Ghani, Mustard oil, Cottonseed Refined oil, Soya Refined oil, Palm Vegetable oil, and Groundnut oil. At Gokul Agri International Limited, we have developed these brands, over the years, on the basis of consumer feedback and preferences derived from extensive market research. All our products stand for good health and good taste. Gokul Agri International Limited’s stringent quality checks, its policy to keep nutrients intact in oils, and its consumer friendly, superior packaging are the prime factors behind the excellent quality of our products. The company’s impeccable market strategy and robust distribution network have helped it reach every corner of the country and Gokul Agri International Limited further aims to make a way into the international market. From Television commercials and health camps for promotion to informing consumers of the health benefits of its products, the company has created a strong brand recall and loyalty among every household. Each brand in Gokul Agri International Limited’s basket has a distinct identity and caters to address a specific consumer need.

“VIVAAN” Cottonseed oil launched in Gujarat, keeping in mind the consumption of cotton seed oil in the region. Enrich with all the essential nutrients it is good for health. Within no time it has become the talk of town with deep penetration in smaller towns also. It’s captivation slogan “ Healthy Happily Jeena hai- Rukna Mana hai” has complimented the product !

Gokul is the most prestigious brand of the company. The brand caters to the needs of the masses and is very popular in the country, especially North and North East India. Applauded for its purity, freshness and superior quality, it is one of the top five brands in the country. The products available under ‘Gokul’ brand are: Mustard Oil, Kachi Ghani Oil, Refined Cottonseed Oil, Refined Soyabean Oil, and Palm Oil.

Rozana brand meets the needs of the vast middle-income and lower middle-income segments of the society.

The products available under ‘Rozana’ brand are: Mustard Expeller, and Palm Oil.

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